Monday, December 15, 2008


This years parade was overshadowed a little by the news that a local man, Ches Tibbo, had just survived a plane crash on his way home from working in Resolute Bay. Word was still out on the extent of his injuries. That he had survived was a certainty, but there was little else known at the time. His daughter, a little girl in Brody’s grade, was at the party, but her mother was home by the phone waiting for word.
This type of thing affects everyone in a small community like this. Everyone has, or knows someone who has, worked away at some point and with the frequency of the recent fly-in/fly-out programs many a wife/parent/partner worries about the safety of the ones who go away so others might stay behind in this tiny Harbour.
I spoke to a few of the wives affected by this crash as they waited for word on their husbands. That feature will be in an upcoming edition of The Newfoundland Herald.

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