Friday, December 5, 2008

On the Pill

My husband forgot my birthday this year. Well, he didn’t so much forget it-confused the Friday it fell on is more like it and I do take some of the blame. I thought my birthday fell the Friday before the St. John’s Santa Claus Parade and we had big plans for that weekend as Blair and Brody were going to be clowns this year. About a week before the 21st (my birthday) I realized the parade was going to be held the weekend after, and not the weekend of, my birthday. I made the plan changes and I didn’t make a big deal about it. I figured I knew, that was good enough, right? Blair was too busy with school to pay too much attention anyway and the only change for him was that he would be coming home to the Harbour instead of me going into town to meet him on my birthday weekend. Clear as mud, right? Well, those plan changes triggered something in his brain that led him to believe he had an entire week longer than he actual had to pick me up a little something for my birthday.
He didn’t realize his blunder until he picked up the paper later that afternoon and noticed the date. He was already in Goobies and, besides grabbing a bottle of wine, had nothing for me.
When my son came home from school and realized what had happened he bared himself in his room and made me a card. Using items he has picked up on our many beach walks, he constructed a card covered in shells and whores eggs (hope that wasn’t a hint of some sort-but that’s a blog for another day) and wrote the sweetest words;
Mom, you are my greatest treasure
The day was saved.
Naturally, I told everyone I knew about my precious card. I even posted the details on my Facebook site. My son wasn’t thrilled with that. His friends began to ask him about the card and, to save face, he informed them that they were mistaken. Yes, he had made that card for me on my birthday, he admitted, only the event hadn’t happened this year, but five years ago, when he was in grade 1.
Brody gave me a heads up. “Mom,” he said, “if anyone asks you about it again say it happened back then, ok?”
I wasn’t pleased.
I already told everyone it was this year, I told him, adding that my friends would think me nuts talking about a card I received so many years ago and passing it off as this years gift.
“It’s ok mom, I got that covered,” he told me with a smirk.
I looked at him, waiting.
“I told all my friends your on pills and get confused sometimes,” he said.
He figured it wouldn’t take long for word of my pill use/confusion to get around thus helping him save face.
Smart kid.
Though I did get back at him in my own special way later that week. I sent him into our local drug store when it was filled with people looking for something special for me, something I knew he would have to ask for help to find. I needed some Midol.
He wasn’t too happy to discover I had sent him in to buy “vagina pills.” That’ll teach him.

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