Tuesday, December 9, 2008

And I thought I was too old to be at it

OK, so this missus in New Delhi gets pregnant and has a baby girl. The headline mentions she might be a tad old to be at it., but hey, no big deal, sez I to meself. Figuring as she and I had something in common, I read on. But wait, she isn’t no almost 40-something mamma, oh no. This woman’s been married longer than I’ve been on this earth. Yes me dears, this woman has been married-yes MARRIED-for 50 years. This new mother is-wait for it-70 years-old. That’s all interesting enough but the father is no spring chicken his own self-he (my dears) is 72.
So none of this was natural, at least not in the beginning and the couple used IVF. Of course that’s not saying they don’t bump uglies from time to time, but not for procreation. And, get this, the child is for them, not for some much younger family member who couldn’t have kids of their own. And the icing on the cake? This is their first child.
OK, to each their own, but I’d be quite interested in seeing a follow-up to this story about six months into this. I had a kid 11 years-ago at 27 and now having a second as I’m nearing 40 just ain’t quite as pretty. Somehow I used to be able to make harried look sexy but now harried just makes me look haggard and horrid. I look tired all the time-which I am. I spend most days in my pj’s because I haven’t yet made it back in my pre-pregnancy clothing and I’m too stubborn to buy crap that fits. Now I do have some stuff, things I save for my Marystown runs or when I need to actually see people-beyond the locals that is, they have long since become accustomed to my stripped pajama pants-they make me look thin.
So, good luck my dear and don’t worry about not getting much sleep. Considering your age I’m sure you’ll be resting in peace long before that baby of yours is sleeping through the night.
I wonder if she’s breast feeding?
Now there’s a thought.

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