Sunday, December 7, 2008

Come On

This story is funny. Reminds me of the time I was pulled over for making a left in front of the court house in St. John's (no, I wasn't in jail-not then anyway)

I told the officer I wasn't from town and that I get all confused and flustered. He believed me (it was quite true, in that case anyway. You should see me try to find my way in to The Rooms each and every time I go) and he let me off with it. Thank goodness I didn't need to prove my stundness like this lady had to prove her pregnancy. What could I have done? A road-side spelling test?

BOSTON - A man in Massachusetts is appealing a $100 ticket he got for driving to a hospital in the breakdown lane of a gridlocked Boston highway while his wife was in labour.
The Boston Globe reports that a state trooper pulled over John Davis and his wife Jennifer for using the breakdown lane Nov. 18.
The man says his wife's contractions were three minutes apart.
The couple says the trooper made them wait five to 10 minutes while he wrote a ticket for another car on Route 2, asked to see Jennifer's belly to prove her pregnancy, then issued them a ticket.
The couple made it to Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge.
Their daughter was born five hours later.

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