Tuesday, February 2, 2010


There are now news reports out of France that the French Armament Procurement Agency carried out test firing of a M51 ballistic missile on January 27th. This was, reports say, the forth such test and this particular missile was launched by the “Le Terrible” submarine. While there is yet no official word indicating that any of the three other tests conducted using the M51 could have been what the residents of Harbour Millle witnessed flying across the sky on Monday evening, there is speculation. Witness who saw the three missile-like U.F.O’s say that this explanation makes sense, though it certainly brings them no great relief. “Why can’t they just say if this is what it was or wasn’t? Why does the news have to come off the internet? This should be straight forward. A yes it is or a no it isn’t,” Darlene says.
If this is indeed what was seen in Burin Peninsula skies then this isn’t the first time French missile testing has created a stir in this province. In 2007 then Canadian Transportation Minister Lawrence Cannon created waves when he indicated that such missile testing by the French would create no safety threat to air travelers or residence of Canada. He was referring specifically to a missile test the French had conducted in November of 2006 and while he dismissed those who said such testing put ships and aircraft in danger, notes released under the Freedom of Information Act revealed otherwise. The notes were written by then Defense Minister Gordon O’Connor and he expressed concerns. Besides the possibility of debris falling into the waters of the North Atlantic, he questioned if there could also be an economic impact if air traffic controllers in Gander had to divert air traffic. The testing had been conducted without incident, however the incident troubled many Newfoundland residents at the time. With this latest missile sighting, and with no official word forthcoming, residents are left to wonder and speculate.
Darlene expressed the concern best with this words; “Makes you wonder what happens in our skies on days when it isn’t clear, or at night when you can’t see anything. I guess what they say is true; we really don’t know what’s out there, do we?”

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