Tuesday, February 2, 2010



A resident of Point Lance on the Cape Shore is wondering what may have caused a loud explosion heard throughout the community last Monday night. William Careen tells VOCM News it was about 7 or 7:30 when he heard a "big bang". He says his neighbours heard the same thing. Careen says he didn't think much of it, until word started to spread about the rocket-like objects seen in the sky over the Burin Peninsula that same Monday evening. Careen says as far as he is aware, there was no blasting activity taking place in or near the community at the time.
The Prime Minister's Office has dismissed the rocket sighting, speculating that there are a lot of model rocket enthusiasts in the area. In St. John's last week, Defense Minsiter Peter MacKay acknowledged that despite their best efforts, they cannot figure out what the missile or rocket-like objects were, but has assured the public they shouldn't be of concern.
A Finnish UFO researcher meanwhile says he believes the pictures captured of the object in the sky over the Burin Peninsula last week was a jetliner and its contrail, which appears like flame in the setting sun.

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