Saturday, February 6, 2010


RCMP officials contacted "UFO" eye witnesses yesterday and indicated that the case is now closed. They were not able to either confirm or deny that the object was or was not a missile. Possible, but They just don't know, they say.

Remember that one eye witness had been told that the object was indeed a missile, that the military were made aware of the situation and that it would be "a one time only thing." They were also told the missile had come from the French. Interestingly enough, days later the French did indeed fire a missile. Coincidence? Possible, but unlikely.

Yours truly actually opened the UFO file with the Marystown RCMP (my son was also a witness) but because I had ties to the media I was told to go elsewhere. Seems this 'missile incident' is still with the Department of Cover-Our-Arse. I found it comical that the first release to come from the DOCOA (a.k.a. Department of Public Safety) said something along the lines of; we don't think this was anything, but if it was anything no one was ever in any danger.

Even my 18 month old said WTF to that one.

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