Tuesday, February 2, 2010


In the early evening hours of January 25th, Darlene Stewart and her partner Hubert Dominaux got the fright of their lives. The couple were enjoying watching the sun set from their sea side home in Harbour Mille on the Burin Peninsula when they saw what appeared to be a U.F.O racing across the sky.
“It was just the sky and the beautiful colours one second and then this other thing, like a rocket, shooting across the sky the next,” begins Darlene, still shaken from the experience.
There wasn’t only one “rocket” but three, each following the other by about five minutes. After witnessing the first rocket, Darlene, instantly alarmed, grabbed her camera and the phone. She managed to get a picture of one of the rockets.
Emmy Pardy was buzzing around her kitchen when she noticed the tale end of the first rocket. That’s when her phone rang. It was Darlene.
“My eyes aren’t the best so I grabbed my binoculars and I was just amazed at what I saw. I’ve lived here a long time and I’ve never seen anything like it,” Emmy says.
According to Emmy, the object appeared to be a “silver tipped rocket,” with a trail of black smoke shooting out from behind it. She couldn’t judge the distance, but the object appeared to have come from the water’s surface. It was traveling diagonally into the sky.
“It was out over the water and there was no sound. I looked for a ship, to see if anyone was in trouble even thought I knew it wasn’t a flair. It put me in mind like there was a submarine in the water and it was shooting up because when the next two rockets went off it was like they were being shot from a different spot in the water; almost like a submarine had moved to a different spot,” she says.
Emmy, while still on the phone with her excited neighbour, watched the three rockets as they shot across the sky and wondered what they were.
“I was tormenting Darlene, saying; ’it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s E.T. come home,’ but honest I couldn‘t figure out what it was and I was a bit nervous myself as I watched them,” she says.
The Herald contacted the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Neither had any idea what the objects were, though the R.C.M.P has launched an investigation into the incident. Emmy Pardy had initially been told by the R.CM.P that the object was a missile that had been launched by the army in St Pierre. Follow up calls to the R.C.M.P say that simply isn’t the case, and they indicated that St. Pierre has no access to missiles of that type. The officer suggested further inquiries go through the Department of National Defense. Calls made to that department have not yet been returned.
Darlene says she can’t imagine she’ll get much in the way of a restful nights sleep until she knows for sure what the rockets were. “This wasn’t a comforting sight. If there are military tests going on then we should have some kind of a heads up so we don’t have to worry we’re under attack or something,” she says.
Darlene is grateful that the incident is now under investigation, adding that things that go up must also eventually come down.
“This concerns me so much. What was it? Where did it come from is one question but the bigger question is where did it come down at? What if it landed somewhere where it shouldn’t have?”
In the meantime Darlene says she will have her camera at the ready and her eyes on the sky. She isn’t taking any chances. “It was hard to tell how far away this thing was. I can’t rest. I can’t. Not until I know. We have a right to know.”

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