Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Suncor-Have's No More?

A report I read The National Post indicated Suncor Energy Inc. cut spending plans for the second time in three months, and, God forbid, stalled any further oil sands expansion indefinitely.

This is Suncor's first quarterly loss since the third quarter of 1992, the report indicated, however, excluding one-time items such as foreign exchange losses and a shift to a different accounting policy, Suncor still earned $434-million, or 46¢ a share. Compared to the $677-million, or 73¢ per share, they made last year I guess there isn't much excited hoopla over a measly $434-Million.

As some I know head back to work in the oilsands-a little late, but still back to work none the less, we still wait for hubby's call. 10 resumes were sent out last week; including some locally, and while there was interest no one is hiring in the instrumentation field "just yet."

Stay tuned.

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