Wednesday, January 14, 2009

God Guard Thee Newfoundland and Labrador

Ryan Cleary has been hosting VOCM's Night Line this week and has been doing a great job.

From one of his Scrunchins pieces;

May 21, 2008

VOCM’s open-line shows have been credited/slammed of late for influencing government action, with bureaucrats and politicians supposedly glued to their radios to hear who’s saying what and to whom and reacting accordingly. I wonder if VOCM is paying morning show host Randy Simms a deputy-premier salary? I bet he’s definitely missing out on a constituency allowance. Woe is the poor bugger. Former deputy-health minister John Abbott told the Cameron Inquiry recently that government communication staff monitor and manipulate the open lines to deliver key messages to the public, remarks that Danny called “offensive and stupid.” But VOCM has influenced public opinion in these parts since Joey Smallwood wore short pants. (He always carried a pitchfork.) In fact, the entire proceedings of the Newfoundland Convention, held at the Colonial Building in Town between 1946-48 to decide Newfoundland’s fate after commission of government, were broadcast live on VOCM. The station helped dial us into Confederation, and we all know there was no manipulation involved in our being fed to the Canadian wolf.

Cleary is now part of that influence now and he's off to a great, positive start ending his program with the words; God guard thee Newfoundland and Labrador.

Maybe I like and admire the fellow too much to be totally objective, but I am honest when I say I am enjoying enjoying his show

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